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Water mist cannon/fog cannon sprayer Water mist cannon/fog cannon sprayer Water mist cannon/fog cannon sprayer

Water mist cannon/fog cannon sprayer

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  • Sprayers
  • Zhejiang, China
  • Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Agriculture
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Address:Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

Product Details

Type:Sprayers Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Sprayer Type:MIST NOZZLE Material:Metal
Metal Type:Stainless Steel Usage:Agriculture

Product Description

Product Discription

This machine is matched with the tractor, there are sprayer on both sides and controlled by one bottom. And easy operate,The angle of the fan can be adjusted. It is widely used in fruit garden, grape garden. For the pretension of the pest and illness of the fruit trees.

This machine could be on and off the truck.Very easy to move.Big fan,and powerful spraying, High efficiency ,working when the truck is moving.

Product features and advantages:

1. Small water consumption, energy saving, excellent dust control effect.
2. Wide coverage with 360° rotation radius, optional manual operation or remote control operation.
3. Mist particle can be adjusted from 50um-150um according to your requirements.
4. Effective dust suppression performance with high-speed misting function can absorb superfine mist particles.
5. Horizontal rotation and pitching angle controlled by hydraulic control system, easy and safe to operate.
6. You can install our dust control water cannon sprayer on trailers, tractors, trucks, towers and so on.
7. We provide you OEM service, Design service and Buyer Label service for you.

Application Areas

Applicable to various vehicles mounted: light truck, tractor, and etc.

Simple assembly & disassembly.

Manual control and remote control in driving cab, safe & convenient operation.

High power, big air quantity, wide coverage area, uniform fog droplet.

The gas-liquid mixture can turn the leaves of plants effectively, so that the pesticide can be sprayed to both sides of the leaves evenly.

For the strong penetration and liquid adhesion, it can effectively save the pesticide and reduce the pollution.

High efficiency, wide application, spray fast speed and spraying with vehicle running.

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